Black Label Candles

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Choose from these wonderful scents:

  • Butter Churn – fresh churned, sweet creamery butter
  • Buttered Bourbon – pure buttery maple syrup with sweet Tennessee
  • Cabin Cake – from the hearth, sweet potato and molasses
  • Cinnamon Bread – fresh baked bread, swirled with cinnamon
  • Cornbread & Honey – grandma’s sweet buttery cornbread
  • Cranberry Tea – cozy cup of spicy, orange, cranberry tea
  • Cupboard Keep – sweet crunchy apples, drenched in buttery caramel
  • Hearth Bread – warm, fresh baked bread
  • Homespun – a warm blend of spice, butterscotch and rum
  • Strawberry Rhubarb – fresh sliced strawberries and tart rhubarb
  • Sweet Corn Pudding – Creamy, Buttery Baked Comfort Food
  • Whiskey Barrel & Tobacco – Sweet Tobacco blended with Kentucky Bourbon